As a result of Conant and R.J. Grey being designated as schools that need improvement under NCLB for special education students in 2009, we’ve put together some basic information about MCAS and No Child Left Behind to help parents better understand the current designation.

As many of you know the Department of Education has recently introduced a new tool called a growth model  to help measure annual student/school/district growth via MCAS. This tool will provide more information regarding individual student growth each year as compared to a similar academic peer group across the state. In addition, growth model data (SGP) will provide more direct information about the effectiveness of individual teachers and specific curriculum over time. It is a powerful new tool that will complement the achievement/proficiency data (Annual Yearly Progress – AYP data) currently available. The documents below have information about both proficiency and growth model data for our districts, as well as general information about these two metrics.

PAC MCAS Analyses

DOE Publications

Other Resources

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